Lil Master Healer

Lil Master Healer

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Affirmation: "I have the power to manifest all my dreams and desires."

This piece is a mini suit of armor. Specifically curated to support our message here at Unraveled in Twine: to put yourself first & protect yourself above all others, first. 

One of the most powerful stones available, often referred to as a 'master healer'. Excellent for concentration as it improves mental clarity, enabling one to focus and think clearly. Amplifies the energies of other stones and can be programmed to manifest any intention.

Quartz as a Master healer, this one of a kind of design is made for a special someone.... is that you?


  • 18' Chain - 18K Silver Plated Chain
  • Clear Quartz Double Pointed Pendant 
  • Nickel & Lead Free
  • Anti-Tarnish Silver Chain