The Ultimate Truth
The Ultimate Truth

The Ultimate Truth

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Affirmation: "I am free to love as see fit, and I am protected knowing my feelings are my own."

All gemstone, all the time. This stack is elegantly designed to help restore you, help you become attuned with your own feelings, all the while protecting you from negative energy. 

Carnelian is a high energy stone that restores vitality, increases motivation, stimulates creativity, and brings out undiscovered talents. This stone will give you the self confidence and will power to achieve success in business and new ventures your pursue. This bracelet is designed to give you the self-confidence and willpower to achieve great & deserving success. 

Moonstone helps you to become more attuned with your feelings and emotions. For those who have flows and or are expecting: Moonstone also improves emotional regulation and is beneficial for PMS, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Black Onyx is a powerful protection stone that works to absorb negative energy from one's aura and environment. Heals past pain and resentment, and gives one the courage to start a new journey. Enhances self-discipline, encouraging one to take all necessary action to achieve their goals

Stack includes 3 pieces.  


  • 8mm Moonstone with a Rough cut Clear Quartz with Gold accents
  • 6mm Black Onyx Beads with Gold Spacers
  • 8mm Carnelian beads with a Black Rhinestone Gold Shambala Bead

Love & Care: I use a double cord technique using a very strong latex free cord. It will hold up under everyday use.  Unnecessary stretching is not recommended as it will weaken the strength and increase the size of the jewelry.


Size to fit almost 7.