Watermelon Tourmaline (silver & gold)
Watermelon Tourmaline (silver & gold)

Watermelon Tourmaline (silver & gold)

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Affirmation: "I look toward the future with hope & optimism."

Self Discovery • Wisdom • Compassion

Watermelon Tourmaline is a powerful healer of the heart chakra. It can help you access the deepest part of your core (aka your heart). This stone can help the encouragement of cleansing and healing old emotional wounds. It fuels the feeling of hope during the darkest times and will offer up so much love and the frequency and energy that comes with love. It brings light and rejuvenation in your aura. It is also an effective companion for healing depression and well as confidence & self-esteem issues.  

Chakras: Heart • Zodiacs: Virgo, Gemini


  • 18" Chain - Rhodium Plated / 18" Chain - Gold Filled 18K Chain
  • Rough Cut & Polished Watermelon Tourmaline 
  • Sterling Silver Wire / Solid Gold Wire
  • Nickel & Lead Free 
  • Anti-Tarnish Metal