Patent Pending The Podcast • Feature

Before our site even launched the coolest thing happened. ✌🏽

An episode of one our favorite podcasts @patentpending_thepodcast dropped and YOU GUYS... Unraveled in Twine was featured.


I’ve always heard that crazy things happen when you start following your path and that which brings you joy. To see it play out for others is really cool. But to experience it YOURSELF?

Well that is a totally different vibe. 😅🤩 so many emotions and already so much abundance has come our way.

We are so humbled and grateful for the opportunity to share our story.

You can listen to the episode on any platform. But here is the link to apple podcasts!

And while you are at it, subscribe & listen to their other episodes too! Especially if you are an entrepreneur and wanna hear two really awesome ladies share their genius.

And cause I just have to ask… if you listen to it, let me know what you think! 😬😜



Exponentially humbled, 


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