Meet the Gang!



Nice to meet us! (guess that movie!)

My Name is Amanda (the creator of the beauties you will see on this site).

Mike: the husband, the backbone, our personal mailman, the "it man." Seriously, there is nothing he can't do!

Leela: our little homeschooled assistant and product tester. If a toddler cant break it, you know its durable AF. 

We are a family of 3 from Putnam County, NY. And we love to hike, watch movies, swim in the lake & cook together. We kinda do know exactly what we are doing most of the time, but we are making it work, bead by bead! 

We hope if this blog post found you... you are having an amazing day! Stop by and say hi!!

And don't think I forgot, I my last post I promised I would share the vibe behind our name! Well here it goes: 

The name Unraveled in Twine speaks to our souls and our stage of life when we decided to revamp this business. 

Unraveled: because when my husband lost his job, there was not other word to describe how we felt.  We literally felt our life was unraveling. 

Twine: because unlike thread, twine cannot exist as a singular thread. Twine is 2 or more strands twisted together. And as 

Though thick & Thin, my love! Till death do us part. 

Stay Elevated, 


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