For centuries earrings have danced in light around the lobes of queens, warriors, goddesses, and all those who want to celebrate the seashell curve of one of their most precious instruments. The humble earlobe is actually a sign of spiritual development and the promise of going deeper, listening without judgment, and gifting the mind a filtration system so as not to let in the words and expressions of others without protective elements in place.

When selecting spiritual earrings, you can choose crystals that help clear the mind, focus your thoughts, and tap into the intricate and innate wisdom that your third eye holds. Picking the right kind of metal also matters – gold can elevate purity and power in thinking, silver can bring its shining light of emotional balance, and whether you pick a delicate sparkle or something that sways and dangles, all spiritual earrings can help you to live with grace, elegance, and intention.