We have Unraveled & Arrived!

Hello & Welcome to Unraveled in Twine!! 

Talk about a leap of faith! Last year when I sold my first batch of bracelets it was nothing more then a fun thing to do around the holidays!

It was always something that kept nudging at me... but fear can be SO consuming. So when my husband lost his job in August 2021... I couldn't escape the BIG knock at the door to jump into my creator seat.

In bed late one night, while helping my husband apply to jobs, I found myself ordering more beads then I intended too (sorry mike!) and began following what fueled my soul: creating beautiful conversation starters, arm candy guaranteed to brighten days, alluring small batch bracelets to help empower woman to take the same leap of faith it did. 

Then the roller coaster of planning began. How to begin such a business and not only do it RIGHT... but do it OUR WAY. The Manfrida way. (That our last name, if you didn't already know!)

I reached out to my dear friend Kelsea and began putting the unraveled pieces of this puzzle together. Branding, logos, colors and fonts... and before we knew it ... we were up and running Unraveled in Twine...

I'll share in my next post, where the name comes from!

Stay Elevated!

Forever & always, 

Amanda Manfrida 

ps. Kelsea is your go to gal for all things branding. You can find her here: https://www.instagram.com/kelsea.tenney/ 

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