About us


Our story began back in December of 2020 when I sold out my first 2 batches of bracelets I shared to my instagram account “just for fun!”

Although, I love creating, the demanding life of motherhood, 2 full time working parents, in addtion to a new homeschooling adventure… my designs and drive took a back seat.

In the summer of 2021, my husband abruptly & unexpectedly was let go from his 11 year carrer. This unraveling of our lives ignited the fire in us to jump in feet first. 


After purchasing my first big batch of beads and materials… here we are doing our own thing, our own way! Figuring each piece out as we go & doing so with passion and surrendering to the fact life is about balance. Our commitment to ourselves and our creative minds is proof that when the universe has plans for you, there is no escaping whats meant to be!