African Queen

African Queen

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"Affirmation: "I stay true to myself and follow the path of my heart's desires." 

African Turquoise is a stone of self-growth, spiritual awakening, and transformation. Opens the mind to new perspectives, possibilities, and ideas, and renews one's spirit, energy, and zest for life. Activates the third eye chakra, helping one receive guidance from their higher self.

Chakra: Third Eye • Element: Storm • Vibration: 6 •Zodiacs: Pisces, Scorpio

Hematite: Enhances courage and boldness, and is said to be very beneficial for women who are timid and afraid of speaking their truth. Effective for calming an overactive and scattered mind. Believed to relieve chronic pain as it maintains the charge of nerve cells in the body.

Chakra: Root • Element: Earth • Vibration: 9 • Zodiacs: Aries, Aquarius


  • 12mm African Turquoise Beads
  • 2mm Gold Hematite 

Love & Care: I use a double cord technique using a very strong Latex Free cord. It will hold up under everyday use.  Unnecessary stretching is not recommended as it will weaken the strength and increase the size of the jewelry.

Size to fit almost 7 - 7 1/2 inches