Bloodstone Beauty

Bloodstone Beauty

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Affirmation: "My mind, body, and spirit are capable of healing."

Adorn yourself with this mesmerizing mood stabilizer. Allow Bloodstone to boost your energy and bring brightness and light back into your should. 

When our hearts are physically pumping stronger and our emotional worth is elevated, its like someone shot caffeine right into your soul. This allows for a new vitality to flood every corner of your being. This reaction will enable to channel all your life-giving energy into the right direction. 

Bloodstone is one of the most powerful physical healing stones available. It radiates a warm and comforting energy, and is helpful in treating blood disorders, muscular injuries, and providing pain relief. It draws energy through the root chakra, giving one a sense of renewed vitality.

Chakra: Root • Element: Wind • Vibration: 4, 6 • Zodiacs: Aries, Libra, Pisces


  • 18" Chain - Rhodium plated Brass
  • Large Bloodstone Pencil Pendant
  • Nickel & Lead Free