Cleansing Bouquet Bundle
Cleansing Bouquet Bundle
Cleansing Bouquet Bundle
Cleansing Bouquet Bundle

Cleansing Bouquet Bundle

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The Perfect Sage & Cleansing Starter Bundle.

New to smudging or want to elevate your game? This bundle is for you!

This bundle of joy includes every item you need to cleanse yourself & your space. Carry your tumble stones with you to absorb their energy and use you dish to create a safe place for your bundles and Palo Santo to bear beautifully until their work in this moment is done. 

Each Bundle Includes:

  • Unraveled's Original Cleansing Bouquet
    • White Sage Torch, Selenite Wand, & Palo Santo
  • Cleansing Bouquet How To Guide Filled with Usage & Affirmations
  • Bee's Wax Candle to help light your bouquet & Palo Santo 
  • Resting Dish: A safe place to set your Bouquet & Palo Santo down to burn out 
  • 2 Tumble Stones & Information cards 
  • Match My Energy Matches - 10 + A Striker

The burning of white sage is an ancient ritual known as smudging. Use your bouquet to clear the energy of any room. Use after an argument, after someone has been sick, after being around someone toxic, to cleanse your crystals & jewelry. Wild flowers represent joy. Use this Sage & Wild Flower bundle to clear low vibrations of energy and replace them with JOY.

Dish Choices: 

  • Gold 
  • White & Gray  Marble with Gold Accent 
  • Blue Evil Eye 

**Wild Flower arrangement & Tumble Stones will vary per each bundle**

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