Cleansing Bouquet
Cleansing Bouquet
Cleansing Bouquet

Cleansing Bouquet

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Affirmation: "With this smudge, I open this space to divine love & most of all joy."

The burning of white sage is an ancient ritual known as smudging. Use your bouquet to clear the energy of any room. Use after an argument, after someone has been sick, after being around someone toxic, to cleanse your crystals & jewelry. Wild flowers represent joy. Use this Sage & Wild Flower bundle to clear low vibrations of energy and replace them with JOY.

Selenite: instills a sense of deep peace, making it effective for meditation or spiritual work. Cleanses the aura and protects one from negative influences. 

Palo Santo: spiritual purification, to inspire creativity, good fortune, positivity & deep connection to your own divine source.

Each wrapped bouquet includes: 

  • California White Sage Torch & Wild Flower Bundle*
  • Palo Santo Wood 
  • Selenite Wand 
  • A how to guide on each ritual item 

**Wild Flower arrangement will vary per each bouquet 

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