Coffee Scrub

Coffee Scrub

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A morning Jolt!

Treat yourself to this all natural coffee scrub the next time you make time to relax and want to kick your self-care routine up a notch... or if you only have 5 minutes in the shower and need your morning jolt of coffee. 

This scrub is not only exfoliating but is hydrating & nourishing. Remove dead skin cells & improve the texture of your skin. Reduce Puffiness. Improve Blood Circulation & reduce inflammation. It also may reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Use as often as you need/like. 

Materials (all natural and sourced from the earth)

  • Organic Artisan Coffee 
  • Organic Coconut oil 
  • Orange Essential oil
  • Mexican Vanilla Extract 
  • Organic Brown Sugar 

 8oz glass jars + Wooden scoop