Fluorite Dreams

Fluorite Dreams

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Affirmation: "My mind is clear and free from distractions."

Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone that cleanses the mind, body, and spirit. It promotes mental clarity, making it a wonderfully beneficial stone for those who are indecisive or have trouble organizing and grounding their thoughts. It is one of the most effective stones for promoting deep concentration, improving memory, and enhancing creativity.

Wear this piece during meditation to maintain clear thoughts as you navigate throughout your day. A constant reminder to stay true to your most authentic self, but most of all to give yourself grace as you walk forward in your truth despite what others might say. 

Chakra: Heart, Throat, Third Eye  Zodiac: Libra Pieces


  • 30" Chain - 14K Gold Plated Rope Chain
  • Fluorite with 24K Gold Filled Cap
  • Nickel & Lead Free

Information provided is folklore and not intended as medical advice or a promise of any outcome.