Jade & Opalite

Jade & Opalite

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Affirmation: "I interpret messages I receive from the spirit world with ease allowing me to effortlessly attract abundance into my life."

Jade: Helps one quickly attract luck and prosperity. Its energy is so strong that one is said to feel a flow of well-being almost immediately upon touching it. Commonly used in dream work as it stimulates lucid dreaming and assists dream recall.

Hematite: Enhance courage and boldness, and is said to be very beneficial for women who are timid and afraid of speaking their truth. Effective for calming an overactive and scattered mind. Believed to relieve chronic pain as it maintains the charge of nerve cells in the body.

Opalite: Has a soft, delicate energy and symbolizes clarity, purity, and new beginnings. Great companion to assist one during life transitions by boosting self-esteem and courage. Enhances intuition and aids the interpretation of psychic information.

Clear Quartz: Master Healer as it is such an abundant stone. Almost every rock contains at least a small amount of it. It reminds us of the mark we leave on people's lives. As well as the mark they leave on us. 


  • Jade Heart
  • Clear Quartz + Opalite (10mm)
  • Silver Hematite Spacer

Love & Care: I use a double cord technique using a very strong latex free cord. It will hold up under everyday use.  Unnecessary stretching is not recommended as it will weaken the strength and increase the size of the jewelry.

 Information provided is folklore and not intended as medical advice or a promise of any outcome.