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Affirmation: "I acknowledging where I am in my life. I am balanced, I am open to divine guidance"

A unique Kyanite side bar slab to accompany your throat chakra & encourage divine guidance from the universe to speak though you. Elevate your frequency by adding this to your next outfit. Kyanite is a powerful stone for attunements and meditation because it transfers and amplifies high-frequency energy. Kyanite's vibe is peaceful and relaxing. Kyanite prepares you for meditation by clearing and calming you, as well as assisting you in receiving intuitive and psychic ideas and dream recall.

Chakra: All, especially throat and third eye• Elements: Water, Metal • Vibration 7 • Zodiac: Aries, Libra, Taurus


  • Blue Kyanite Slab 
  • 18" Silver Rolo Chain

Love & Care: I use a double cord technique using a very strong latex free cord. It will hold up under everyday use.  Unnecessary stretching is not recommended as it will weaken the strength and increase the size of the jewelry.