The Dreamer
The Dreamer

The Dreamer

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Affirmation: "I allow myself to pursue my Divine purpose."

For the dream and goal achiever. Add this to your daily manifestation process. Whether you meditate, tap, vision cast or write down your plans for the future, everyone needs rutliated quartz in their lives. 

A stone with a high vibration that attunes one to their Divine Purpose. Like Clear Quartz, it is very programmable and can be used to magnify the energy of any intention. It accelerates the manifestation process and enhances intuition, psychic opening, and consciousness expansion. 

The spiritual meaning of Rutilated Quartz is that of the “illuminator,” the connector of all 114 chakras in the human body, and the crystal that will connect your entire being to the divine, from your root to your crown. 

Chakras: All • Element: Storm • Vibration: 4, 6 • Zodiacs: Gemini, Taurus


  • Natural Rutliated Quartz
  • Natural Polished Light Wood 
  • Gold Spacers

Love & Care: I use a double cord technique using a very strong latex free cord. It will hold up under everyday use.  Unnecessary stretching is not recommended as it will weaken the strength and increase the size of the jewelry.

Size 7-7.5 (please reach out if you need a custom size)