Affirmation Guide in 3 Easy Steps

Ready for this post? ITS A GREAT ONE. Let me tell you how glad I am that you are here! 

Positive thoughts starts from within. This post is for YOU. That person who need a little support when creating effective, powerful, authentic affirmations for themselves. 

Don't let ego get in the way of how you speak to yourself. Your inner joy is dying to be released, but it must be coached out with purpose and understanding. This post will help you create a space to bring your powerful thoughts to the surface. 

Few thoughts before we get started:

You have it in you. 

You possess the power to be the person you want to be, and the strength to make your aspirations a reality.

 Feed your mind with positivity through daily affirmations - simple, confident statements of aspirations in their completed states.

1. Begin affirmations with "I am." In doing so, you turn your affirmation into a statement of identity. The more you affirm yourself, the more you become what you aspire to be.

2. Keep it positive! Declare what you want to achieve, not what you don’t want to come true. Instead of saying “I won’t be scared when asked to speak in public,” change it to “I am a confident and calm public speaker."

3. Write in the present tense. Declare your affirmations as if they’re true and unfolding right now. Affirm yourself with “I am beautiful,” instead of “I will be beautiful after I reach my target weight.” By declaring outcomes as true and taking place, you’re more likely to engage in behaviors that will make your aspiration a reality.



Here are some affirmations to start YOUR day!
      1. “I can be all that I envision myself to be.”
      2. “Every action allows me to become the best version of myself.”
      3. “I am worthy, and I am enough.”



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A friendly reminder: We've done our research, but you should, too! Check our sources against your own, and always exercise sound judgment.
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