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Need a Mood Stabilizing Stone?

Hello There!  Have you ever found yourself feeling a little unstable? We've all been there. As we know crystals (like most things on this beautiful Mother Earth) have different energies and frequencies to them. And when we hold these stones, or placed them in different areas around our office or home, we can harness the powerful energy they portray and allow it to help us balance where we need it most. This stone is amazing for removing blocks that are keeping us stuck, which can help to revitalize our energy and create a clear path forward So if you are feeling a little moody, or unstable?  Get yourself some bloodstone! Why you ask? Well....it’s one of the most powerful healing...

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Affirmation Guide in 3 Easy Steps

Ready for this post? ITS A GREAT ONE. Let me tell you how glad I am that you are here!  Positive thoughts starts from within. This post is for YOU. That person who need a little support when creating effective, powerful, authentic affirmations for themselves.  Don't let ego get in the way of how you speak to yourself. Your inner joy is dying to be released, but it must be coached out with purpose and understanding. This post will help you create a space to bring your powerful thoughts to the surface.  Few thoughts before we get started: You have it in you.  You possess the power to be the person you want to be, and the strength to make...

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5 Tips to Manifesting Your Wildest Dreams

Hey There Little Dreamer! What do you want? What have you always wanted to do but it felt too scary to go after? Well I am here to help! If you are reading this, you are familiar (at least I hope, with the idea of using affirmations to affect change and positive thought into your life!) Affirmations can take us on an amazing journey and drop us off right at the door to our dreams! Manifesting & Affirmations go hand and hand.. so lets get started! Here are 5 tips to create and bring to live exactly what you want in life. 1. Release your negative thoughts first We have the power within ourselves to create the life we want....

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