Which Crystal is right for you?

Hey there Little Dreamer!
Skimming through our site and unsure of what crystal is best for you? This blog post will help steer you in the right direction! 

Not only are crystals beautiful... but they hold so much meaning. Many of our designs are created with purpose based on a stones properties. Check out these 4 tips to navigate your crystal journey. 
1. Choose the crystal that you are drawn to. 
Questions to ask yourself:
  • Are you drawn to its beauty?
  • Do you feel an energetic pull towards it?
  • Is the stone calling out to you from across the room?
  • Does on catch your eye more than others it may be surrounded by?
  • How does it feel when you hold it?

2. Choose the crystal that corresponds to a chakra that you want to open or balance.

Chakras & Crystals: Crystals are amazing earth giving tools available for balancing our bodies & our chakras. As humans we radiate our own frequency and crystals themselves emit their own frequencies. When in need, we can use crystals to directly target the rebalance of any chakra in need.

3. Choose the crystal who's purpose directly aligns with your path to positive thoughts.

10 Crystal & Purpose Combos

  • Strength - Black Onyx
  • Perseverance - Yellow Jasper
  • Love - Rose Quartz
  • Happiness - Citrine
  • Harmony - Sodalite
  • Emotional Healing - Rutilated Quartz
  • Empowerment - Aquamarine
  • Confidence - Bronzite
  • Courage - Tigers Eye
  • Creativity - Yellow Quartz

4. Still not sure  where to start? These 5 Starter Crystals for Beginners should do the Trick! 

  • Clear Quartz - The Master Healer
  • Rose Quartz: The Earth Mother
  • Citrine: The Prosperity Magnet
  • Amethyst: The Psychic Powerhouse
  • Smoky Quartz: The Negativity Buster
  • Until Next time! Stay Elevated! 

When in doubt.... go with what you are drawn too! 

Stay elevated! Amanda 

image credit to Canva unless otherwise specified 


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