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Six Crystals to Help Improve Your Sleep

 Using crystals for sleep is super easy!  Healing crystals have been used for thousands of years. It’s pretty cool that we can take crystals naturally made from the earth, add them to our nighttime routines to aid in our sleep! Pretty wild if you ask me! But also so freakin cool! There are crystals that can target several different sleeping issues you may be having while others can help you explore astral projection or lucid dreaming states. Whether you are wishing for a little bit more peace at night, or need to interpret a particularly confusing dream, there is a crystal for you. Ready to take your sleep to the next level? Read this post. Pick a crystal that meets...

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Which Crystal is right for you?

Hey there Little Dreamer! Skimming through our site and unsure of what crystal is best for you? This blog post will help steer you in the right direction! Not only are crystals beautiful... but they hold so much meaning. Many of our designs are created with purpose based on a stones properties. Check out these 4 tips to navigate your crystal journey.  1. Choose the crystal that you are drawn to.  Questions to ask yourself: Are you drawn to its beauty? Do you feel an energetic pull towards it? Is the stone calling out to you from across the room? Does on catch your eye more than others it may be surrounded by? How does it feel when you hold it? 2. Choose the crystal that corresponds...

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Energy & Empaths - 5 Ways to Recharge your soul!

Hey Little Dreamer... Let's Unravel your empathic soul! A highly sensitive person (AKA an empath) can improve the vibration in a room, help you with your heartache, enhance harmony in a group...BUT this can only occur when they are energetically clear and fully charged. Because we live in a world where there is way more ‘take’ than ‘give’, we need to be mindful of recharging our batteries & doing it often!Especially now more than ever empaths are striving to just hold on. So give yourself permission to let go. And recharge your soul today. Some tips for you! And I love these reminders especially after a weekend of back to back events... it’s time to recharge my batteries! 1. Book a...

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