Six Crystals to Help Improve Your Sleep

 Using crystals for sleep is super easy! 

Healing crystals have been used for thousands of years. It’s pretty cool that we can take crystals naturally made from the earth, add them to our nighttime routines to aid in our sleep!

Pretty wild if you ask me! But also so freakin cool!

There are crystals that can target several different sleeping issues you may be having while others can help you explore astral projection or lucid dreaming states. Whether you are wishing for a little bit more peace at night, or need to interpret a particularly confusing dream, there is a crystal for you.

Ready to take your sleep to the next level?

  1. Read this post.
  2. Pick a crystal that meets your needs.
  3. Place your crystal under your pillow or on your nightstand.
  4. Share with a friend who might be in need.
  5. For extra feedback, keep a journal of your personal experiences with these crystals by your side 

Six Crystals for Improved Sleep


Black Tourmaline has long been considered one of the best crystals you can get for warding off negative energies.

While this is true, black tourmaline is also one of the best crystals for improving sleep quality.

This stone has a powerful grounding effect on our subtle energies that allows us to fall asleep easily and without disturbances.


Amethyst: is a very popular stone that has been prized for its healing abilities for centuries.

One of the most well-known properties is this crystals association with the crown chakra and its ability to promote a very deep state of meditation.

Amethyst crystals bring a sense of peace and rid away any negative thoughts. 

This can be very helpful when trying to achieve a lucid dream or just fall asleep in general. A piece of amethyst by your bedside will help with a good night’s sleep. 



Selenite: is an excellent choice of crystal to use for sleep, especially when you experience chronic insomnia.

This stone helps clear energetic blockages from the chakras that can lead to disturbed sleep patterns.

 Selenite also works well with many other stones and in many different ways in order to help purify and enhance their benefits in your life.


Peridot is an excellent type of gem that helps to strengthen the heart chakra and align all of the other energy centers in the body.

It can help reduce stress levels which leads to more restful sleeping conditions overall and an improved sleep cycle.

You will have peace of mind and rid away any anxious thoughts when placing this stone next to you while you sleep.


Fluorite: is an excellent stone for promoting mental acuity and focus while sleeping. If you often suffer from a racing mind while trying to sleep, then fluorite may be just what you need.

Fluorite can also help you have more lucid dreams, which many people find enjoyable and relaxing.


Angel Aura Quartz crystals have been used as a tool to balance the energies of those who suffer from insomnia and help bring them into a state of rejuvenation.

This type of stone is excellent for deep meditation and astral travel, which can be very conducive to promoting natural sleep patterns that allow for proper rest.

Sleep Tight... and keep those crystals close! 

Nighty, Night!


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