Energy & Empaths - 5 Ways to Recharge your soul!

Hey Little Dreamer... Let's Unravel your empathic soul!

A highly sensitive person (AKA an empath) can improve the vibration in a room, help you with your heartache, enhance harmony in a group...BUT this can only occur when they are energetically clear and fully charged.

Because we live in a world where there is way more ‘take’ than ‘give’, we need to be mindful of recharging our batteries & doing it often!

Especially now more than ever empaths are striving to just hold on. So give yourself permission to let go. And recharge your soul today.
Some tips for you! And I love these reminders especially after a weekend of back to back events... it’s time to recharge my batteries!

1. Book a date with your self & soak:


Grab a few handfuls of Epsom salt & add to a warm bath. Bless the water before entering. Lower the lights Soak for a minimum of 30 minutesStay hydrated & recharge by listening to your favorite guided meditation, podcast, or favorite book.

2. Increase your greens

A healthy heart chakra – a vital power center for empaths – vibrates at the frequency of a lush emerald green.By consuming green foods and beverages, empathsare able to increase incoming vibrations into their energy field. Consuming chlorophyll dense foods allow empaths to recharge from their heart & outward

3. You better work, crystal

Keep your energy balancing crystals near and ready to work! Consider your crystals as your little portable batteries, always there to recharge you when you need a boost! Carry, wear, sleep, slip a few in your bra! Make sure to cleanse your crystals regularly in sea salt, sunlight, sage smoke, or running water.

4. Book a date with Mother Nature

This isn’t just for empaths… everyone can benefit from being out in nature. There are unlimited benefits to breathing fresh air. Feeling the sun hit your skin. Walk barefoot in the grass or soil and ground yourself within the elements. Talk about instant gratification and a QUICK balance & recharge to ones center.

5. Breathe Deep

Breathing deeply floods you with freshness and cleansing energy, while you simultaneously receive divine information and healing wisdom encoded in the air. Take a deep breath to help calm the mind. Fill your belly completely up with air also allows your organs the chance to detox as they rub against your ribs and each other.

Serve your soul today & stay elevated!


 Image credits to Canva unless otherwise specified.

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